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Drive the car you want for less with a Novated Lease.

Maximise your buying power by using your pre-tax salary to lease a new, used or existing car, so you save thousands of dollars on repayments, fuel and running costs.

What is Novated Leasing?

Instead of buying a car outright, a novated lease puts you behind the wheel through a finance arrangement that leases the car with a combination of your pre-tax and post-tax salary.

On new or used cars through a dealer, the GST on the car is excluded from your lease calculations, meaning you save thousands of dollars upfront. Plus, because you’re using your pre-tax income to lease the car, you pay less tax on your remaining income.

A novated lease also covers the running costs of your car including maintenance, servicing, fuel, insurance and registration, making it cheaper overall than paying for these from your after tax pay.

Calculate your savings on a Novated Lease
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Benefits of Novated Leasing

Save on Running Costs

Cars can be expensive to keep on the road, but with Novated Leasing, enjoy the convenience of having your car’s fuel, registration, maintenance, etc. covered with the deductions from your pay.

Pay Less Tax

By accessing your pre-tax salary to lease your car, you’ll pay less tax on your remaining income. This means more of your take home pay goes to you, and less goes to the tax office.


Not only do you save on GST when you purchase the car, the GST on your lease and running costs can be claimed by your employer and passed on, saving you thousands during the lease period.

How do I apply for a Novated Lease?

If you want to know more about a novated lease, we can talk you through what’s involved and give you a fully itemised proposal that includes calculations to lease and operate the car and the impact on your take home pay.

  1. You probably have your eye on the wheels you want, so think about the options you want fitted and let us know. We’ll go to our dealer network and get the best price on the car you want. Let our buying power get you the best possible deal.
  2. Talk to us to apply for a novated lease on a new or used car, or switching your loan agreement to a novated lease. We’ll work with your employer to make sure they understand what’s involved so you can sit back, relax and we’ll do the work for you. All you’ll need to do is review what we send you and complete and sign a few documents.
  3. Hit the road and enjoy saving on running costs and paying less tax on the rest of your income.
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No more hassle with Novated Leasing

Drive the car you want with the peace of mind that your on road costs are included in your lease and your running costs are included in your deductions.

What’s covered?

Lease Repayments
Service & Maintenance
Tyre Replacement
Registration Renewal
Roadside Assistance
Sundry Items (e.g. Car Wash)


Pay less tax
No out of pocket expenses
No deposit
No upfront fees
All Paperwork sorted

Your questions answered

It’s subject to approval by the financier of course, but yes, as long as you can comfortably make repayments, there are no limits on the make or model of the car you prefer. You can choose a new or used car through a dealership (and save GST) or a used car from a private seller or the one you are currently driving.

Some employers prefer that their employees don’t lease luxury vehicles, so have a chat with us and we’ll speak with them.

The ATO are particular about this, you’ll be leasing the vehicle therefore there is a residual value at the end of the lease term. When you get to the end of the lease, you’ll have a range of options to finalise the lease. You can pay the residual amount and own the car outright, refinance the residual and extend the lease, sell the car, pay the residual and start a new lease or trade the car in and start a new lease.

We’ll be there for you to talk through your options.

Unfortunately not. The full benefits of a novated lease can only be realised with a properly arranged and managed lease. Give us a call to chat about the best outcome possible for you.

Have more questions? Check out our full list of FAQs.

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