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Meet the passionate people behind The Salary Packaging People.

Meet the passionate people behind The Salary Packaging People.

We’re a small but dedicated team who are always happy to chat through all of your Salary Packaging needs. We provide industry-leading salary packaging products and services in a personalised manner, not a call centre. We are fully independent with our customers being our primary focus.

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Director and Product Manager
Brian uses his 25 years of salary packaging experience and 35 years of finance experience to help develop products that are compliant with business rules and regulations. He oversees the delivery of company strategy and manages supplier and customer relationships. He knows the importance of a personal touch in the current customer service landscape. He believes that when companies outsource to a long term and professional salary packaging company, they can be assured that they have an industry standard and compliant program with little or no taxation risk.

“With the ever-changing and evolving taxation landscape, customers can’t expect to be always up to date with current regulations and legislation, whereas it is the core element of The Salary Packaging People.”

Brian’s superpower is knowing every detail and having the biggest brain in the office.
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General Manager
Glenda heads up our ‘engine room’, always making sure that the money gets out on time so our customers are supported daily and that we continue to evolve our processes and service delivery. She’s a six sigma black belt and has spent 20+ years in the finance sector in its various iterations. For Glenda, she believes compliance, customer focus and scalability are highly valuable for employers, especially those who don’t fully understand the complexities of salary packaging and may end up creating FBT liabilities for themselves. She wants to change the perception that it is too hard for employers by offering hands-on support - and plenty of it.

“We have a unique ability to adapt while being consistent. We provide salary packaging to employers with one staff member through to employers with thousands and we adapt our delivery methods to their culture, policy and programs whilst maintaining the levels of service we are proud of.”

Glenda’s superpower is keeping it real through tailored support for companies and their employees.
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Director and Customer Experience Manager
Dan is the ‘face’ of the Salary Packaging People, always helping new and existing customers understand the many benefits of salary packaging. With many years of customer-facing experience under his belt, he enjoys networking, meeting customers and delivering exceptional service as often as he can. He believes service and personality go hand in hand and is committed to the delivery of a first-class experience with a smile and a sense of humour. His mission is to ensure employees have the opportunity to save as much money as possible, minimising the administrative burden on the payroll function and potential financial risk to the employer. This includes providing accurate knowledge and information to all parties.

“We understand and care about our customers. That’s why our efforts and investment is driven to ensuring they get what they deserve. As a regionally-based service, we also understand the challenges of being regional and work tirelessly to help our customers feel like our priority.”

Dan has two superpowers including invisibility because our services are often provided without being seen and of course, wealth creation!
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Director and Novated Leasing Specialist
While he may be a specialist, we (and our clients) prefer to think of Justin as our ‘Novated Leasing Champion’. We’re not sure exactly how much money he has saved clients over the years, but it’s A LOT.

Justin is an expert because he knows novated leasing back to front, while his two cups of coffee a day keep him well-fuelled to find the best deals. Justin enjoys helping each and every client understand the benefits of salary packaging and novated leasing.

‘Salary packaging through a professional provider is like getting a free kick with a 50-metre penalty, so you’re crazy not to use it!’

Justin’s superpower is finding the silver lining and a way forward for everyone.
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Novated Lease Sales, Retention and Administration
Chris is our go-to for all things novated leasing, from building quoting tools to helping people get into their new cars. With 20+ years of novated lease experience, he is able help our customers meaningfully. He believes there are things in life we need help with, and navigating tax legislation to optimise our earnings is one of them.

We are small and we care – there’s a good chance when you call in, you’ll be speaking to an owner and decision maker, how often can you say that?

Chris's superpower is that no matter what it is, he'll work and work and work to get to the best result possible.
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Administration Assistant
Cassandra is our resident ray of sunshine and bright and cheery administration assistant. She processes payments for customers which is no small task. Having absorbed copious amounts of salary packaging knowledge, Cassandra is well on her way to becoming an expert herself. She believes it is important that customers understand what they are eligible for and how to get the maximum benefit.

“What makes The Salary Packaging People unique is that we do not try to be someone we are not. We are just the same as you and want you to feel comfortable engaging with us.”

Cassandra’s company superpower is sass. Someone has to bring it, so thanks Cass.
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Administration Assistant
Lauren is our newest and most enthusiastic team member! Joining our administration and reception department, she's the self-confessed traffic-controller for all incoming queries. She's working on becoming an expert on all things salary packaging. What she does know is that salary packaging can be tricky and if you aren’t doing it right, then you aren’t getting the full benefit.

"At The Salary Packaging People, we know what we are talking about! And you get to speak to a person when you call (probably me)."

As for Lauren's superpower, she brings the show tunes!