Your Novated Lease Welcome Kit

We are pleased to have you on board with us and hope that you enjoy your novated lease experience with CBB The Salary Packaging People. There are a few things you need to know about your lease and how it works now that you’ve gotten past the paperwork stage and have the keys in your hand.

CBB The Salary Packaging People Novated Lease options include:

If you’ve taken up the fuel card option, there will be a WEX Motorpass card in the mail within a week of you starting your novated lease. Once you’ve received the card you need to follow the instructions to activate it and set your own PIN.

Useful things to know about using your card:

  • You are able to use the card at any fuel outlet that shows the WEX Motorpass logo.
  • The card is only to buy fuel, oil, tyres and servicing for your car and is limited to the fuel type required by your car.
  • If you purchase fuel without using the card, complete a Novated Lease Expense Claim form, send us the Tax Invoice/Receipt and we’ll reimburse you from your account.

If you lose your card, the card is damaged or you forget your PIN, please contact us on 03 5229 4200 or

Your fuel card is for the purchase of fuel, servicing and tyres for your leased car only. We monitor its usage to ensure that it is used only for this purpose and to monitor actual expenses against your budgets.

* Like any fuel purchase, try to find the best price. It’s your money.

When your car is due for a service or requires maintenance, you can book the vehicle with a repairer at a time and day convenient to you.

We suggest you consult your car’s service and maintenance book or the manufacturer’s website for any clarification, or special requirements, to maintain your car’s warranty.

When you drop your car off for the service, please ask the repairer whether they accept your WEX Motorpass card for payment. If they don’t, please pay your chosen repairer and submit a claim for reimbursement.

Your new car warranty may be voided if you choose not to use an accredited repairer for your new car service and maintenance.



Your tyres may need replacing during the lease. When the time comes to replace the tyres on your car, we recommend that you replace them with the same tyre specifications that are already on the car and recommended by the manufacturer, this could reduce any complications with the maintenance of your car.

Usually a tyre rotation is completed during your services, but if not we think it is best to have a tyre rotation and wheel alignment completed every 10,000kms to 15,000kms.

To prolong the life of your tyres, we suggest that you regularly check the tyre pressure, including the spare.

When you drop your car off for the tyres to be replaced, rotated or repaired, please ask the repairer whether they accept your WEX Motorpass card for payment. If they don’t, please pay your chosen repairer and submit a claim for reimbursement.

Alternatively, you can use any Tyrepower outlet throughout Australia for any tyre maintenance or replacement. When you contact Tyrepower you will need to quote our customer details of THI3220 (Tango Hotel India 3220). The Tyrepower outlet will then quote you a preferential price and contact us directly for authorisation.

Where you go to replace, rotate or repair your tyres is up to you however we recommend you go to a dedicated tyre supplier

*Sometimes tyres on sale may be cheaper than fleet pricing. Be sure to get the best price before disclosing your car is novated.

As you are the registered owner of your car, the registration renewal notice is sent directly to you approximately 1 month prior to the expiry date (this can vary by state).

Once you’ve received the renewal you have 2 options:

1. Send us a copy of the renewal notice and we will pay the relevant authority directly – please ensure there is more than 10 days until the registration expires.

2. Pay the Authority yourself and request a reimbursement from us for the amount paid.

If your novated lease is for a pre-loved car and the registration is due for renewal within 3 months of the start of your lease, we won’t have the funds to reimburse/cover the cost of the renewal. Unfortunately, this will be an ‘out of pocket’ expense for you – but don’t worry, the next one will be covered by your budgets.

If you’ve changed address since the car was first registered, or the registration last renewed, it would be worthwhile to check the address with the registration authority, e.g. VicRoads. The car is registered in your name at your address so the renewal notice will come to you for action in the first instance.

If you’ve chosen one of our insurers for your comprehensive insurance, the premium is being paid monthly by us. Where you have chosen to insure the vehicle through your own insurer, you have 2 options at renewal of the insurance policy:

1. Send us a copy of the renewal notice – please ensure there is more than 10 days until the insurance expires.

2. Pay the insurer yourself and request a reimbursement from us for the amount paid.

Please note that we can only reimburse you or pay the insurer directly if we have accrued sufficient funds from your salary deductions.

If you’re paying your insurer monthly, you can choose to submit a quarterly or annual claim for reimbursement or alternatively we can pay the annual premium to the supplier directly on your behalf. If you’ve insured your new car via one of our insurers, it will automatically renew on an annual basis.

Where your new car doesn’t have manufacturer Roadside Assistance included in the purchase or it doesn’t cover the full term, we will enrol it in the WEX Motorpass Roadside Assistance program.

You can contact WEX roadside assistance on 1300170719. For more information visit their website.

The WEX Motorpass program provides coverage for:

  • Mechanical Breakdowns
  • Wheel Changing
  • Towing (30km free)
  • Flat Battery
  • Emergency Fuel
  • Key Lockouts

You have 2 options to claim the Roadside Assistance renewal.

1. Send us a copy of the renewal notice and we will pay the provider directly.

2. Pay the provider yourself and request a reimbursement from us for the amount paid.

It is very common now that manufacturers include Roadside Assistance, but if you are not sure of whether your new car has it or if it is included in the lease, give us a call on 03 5229 4200 and we’ll let you know.

Roadside Assistance is either included in the purchase of your car or via your WEX Motorpass Card.

If you’ve taken up the sundry items option, we have allocated an additional budget amount for unknown, irregular or hard to predict expenses.

These expenses can include:

  • Battery Replacement.
  • Glass or Mirror Breakage.
  • Car Washes.

There is only 1 option for the payment of sundry items – You need to pay the provider  yourself and request a reimbursement from us for the amount paid.

We’ve also included some FAQ’s at the end of this document, which might be useful:

Frequently Asked Questions

To request a reimbursement you need to download the reimbursement form from this link

Fill out the relevant sections of the form, sign it and send it (along with the tax invoice and/or tax receipts) to us and we’ll process the reimbursement for payment.

We can only process the reimbursement for payment once we have substantiated that we have the required documentation and there are sufficient funds held in your Novated Lease account. Where there is additional documentation required, or there are insufficient funds in your account, we will contact you directly to discuss your options.

If you’ve taken out insurance with one of our insurers we’ve attached separate policy information on what to do in the event of an accident.

If you’ve insured your car through your own insurer you should follow the process outlined by them.

Sometimes during the Lease period your car may not be available to you or others for private use therefore you do not have the availability of the benefit of the Novated Lease.

These instances usually occur if the car is off the road for more than one day due to accident or mechanical repairs.

It is very important to note the full days that the vehicle is unavailable and keep adequate records, as this will result in a reduction of the FBT Taxable Value of the vehicle. You will be required to declare this at the end of each FBT year and provide the relevant supporting documentation, when requested.

Where your car is off the road due to accident repair, your eligibility for a rental or loan vehicle will depend on the insurer and/or repairer.

Some items are not permitted as a Novated Lease car running cost by the ATO therefore they are unable to be included.

These items include but are not restricted to road tolls, parking expenses, drivers licence renewal, fines & infringements costs and vehicle options or accessories fitted after the delivery of the car. These items are therefore payable directly by you.

We will continually monitor your Novated Lease account to ensure that you are travelling in accordance with what you initially estimated and that your actual expenses on your car are in line with the established budgets and pay deductions.

If there is a discrepancy which is consistent over a period of 3 months, we will be in direct contact with you to discuss and suggest a remedy.

This may involve an amendment to your salary deductions but rest assured that this can only occur with your specific written approval.

We will be in contact with you approximately 3 months prior to your lease expiry to discuss what you want to do with your car.

Your options are:

1. Retain the car and extend the Novated Lease for a further period

2. Change over to a new car with a new Novated Lease

3. Retain the car and buy it from the financier by paying the residual value + GST.

Whichever way you decide to go we will guide you through the process to ensure that the Lease is finalised by the end date.

At the end of the lease, we will reconcile your actual expenses against the amount received from your salary deductions.

If you select option 1 or 2, you may choose to transfer the reconciled balance to your new Novated Lease. We talk to you about this at the time.

A surplus balance with option 3 will be refunded to you through your payroll. If there is a shortfall, we will be in contact to determine the best method for the payment.

If you want to terminate your Lease prior to the Lease End date, you need to contact us directly to discuss your requirements and for guidance through the process.

It is important to note that the financier may charge a fee for early termination of a lease.

If you leave your employer, either voluntarily or involuntarily, the Deed of Novation between you, your employer and the financier is terminated. You become directly responsible for the payment of your Lease rental to the financier and for your car’s operating costs.

You may be entitled to claim against the Lease Protection Insurance if you involuntarily leave your employer. This insurance needs to have been included in your original Novated Lease structure for it to be applicable.

If you are changing employer, you can transfer your Lease to a new Novated Lease arrangement with your new employer. You may need to cover the Novated Lease rental and the car’s operating costs until there are sufficient funds received from your new employer’s salary deductions. The financier usually charges a fee for this, which you will be responsible for paying.

We will reconcile your actual expenses against the amount received from your salary deductions with your original employer. If there is a surplus balance, it will be refunded to you through your original employer’s payroll. If there is a shortfall, we will be in contact to determine the best method for the payment.

We require notification of your impending departure as soon as you are aware you are leaving your employer. We will contact the financier with the relevant information and they will be in direct contact with you to arrange the direct repayments.