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Salary Packaging solutions that benefit your business

Want a way to reward your employees, attract new staff and save on your tax bill? The benefits of salary packaging may surprise you, and it won’t cost you a thing.

No cost rewards

It’s easy to reward your employees with salary packaging and best of all, it doesn’t cost you anything. You even have the potential to save tax.

You’ll be helping your employees make more from their hard-earned money, without needing to give them a pay rise, as they can use their pre-tax income to pay for expenses that they’d normally pay from their take home pay. This will make them feel more valued and encourage loyalty. If you want to be an employer of choice, then salary packaging is an essential offering.

What you may not know is that you can claim the cost of a novated lease as a business expense and it could also reduce your payroll tax. Plus, by outsourcing your salary packaging to a reputable provider, you’re assured of complete taxation compliance, up to date products and services, no extra stress on payroll and much less paperwork.

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How does Salary Packaging benefit my business?

No Cost To You

Offering the benefits of salary packaging to your staff won’t cost you or your business anything. All the administration fees are paid by the employee through pre-tax deductions from their pay. Even then, the administration fees that your staff pay are minimal.

Incentivise Staff

Encourage loyalty and longevity by becoming an employer of choice. Salary packaging offers the three R’s of staff incentives; recruit, reward and retain. It’s difficult to find good staff, now more than ever, so a progressive salary packaging program is essential for helping you find and keep the right people.

Claim Expenses & Reduce Tax

As novated lease cars are technically leased through your company, you can claim the lease – and their running costs – as business expenses. In addition, with the right set up, a reduction in your employee’s pre-tax income can result in a decrease of your Payroll Tax obligations.

Where do I start?

We can take the hassle out of finding salary packaging solutions for you and your employees.

  1. It’s easy with The Salary Packaging People. Simply get in touch and we can walk you through our full suite of products and services. We will even give you a formal undertaking of our service levels to you and your employees. Employees can access extra resources and forms on our website.
  2. Enjoy letting your staff know that they can access salary packaging on a range of expenses including (depending on your industry)  mortgages, rent, bills, meals & entertainment, fuel, memberships and subscriptions.
  3. Reap the benefits. Your employees will feel more valued without any risk of having a Fringe Benefits Tax obligation for your business. We’ll even assist you in formulating a salary packaging policy to protect you and your employees.

It’s win-win for you and your staff

There’s access to plenty of rewards through salary packaging for employees and employers alike.

Employer Benefits

No program cost
Less tax
Incentivise staff
Create loyalty
Taxation compliance
No surprise FBT
Easy rollout
Education left to the experts

Employee Rewards

Car running costs
Work related laptops & mobiles
Meals & Entertainment
Living Expenses

Your questions answered

We are a small business as well and we know the challenges facing smaller organisations. Whilst we deal with some employers with thousands of employees, we don’t discriminate so our products and services are available to organisations of any size, yes even with a single employee.

Your obligations to pay the lease stops as soon as the employee leaves. The employee is still responsible for the lease so the car goes with them. They can choose to pay out the lease or transfer the lease to their new employer, we’ll take care of that with them.

No. Employees pay a small administration fee as part of their arrangement so you don’t have to pay a thing. You may even save money by outsourcing as you can refer your employee to us as salary packaging experts, thereby minimising any risk to you.

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