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Empowering Not-For-Profits with Salary Packaging Solutions

We're dedicated to delivering smart, easy-to-understand salary packaging solutions that benefit your hardworking team and support your mission.

The Power of Salary Packaging in NFPs

Salary packaging in not-for-profits is all about maximising benefits. With the unique advantages of FBT exemptions, we help not-for-profits maximise their employees’ take-home pay.

Our flexible solutions cover:

  • Novated leasing
  • Living Expenses
  • Mortgage
  • Rent
  • Meals & entertainment
  • Memberships and subscriptions
  • Insurance premiums
  • Work-related expenses (e.g. Laptop, Mobile Phone)
  • Self-education
  • School & University fees
  • Remote Area Benefit
  • Relocation Allowance


How can CBB The Salary Packaging People help?

We support not-for-profits by simplifying the implementation of salary packaging programs. We make it easy to identify staff entitlements and create appealing remuneration packages, ensuring compliance while maximising benefits.

Our services cover administration assistance, tax compliance, and educating both employers and employees on the benefits of salary packaging. This approach helps not-for-profits achieve a balanced mix of job satisfaction and financial benefits.

With tax-free packaging options and Fringe Benefits Tax exemptions, employees can enjoy up to $15,900 in annual benefits, reducing taxable income.

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Your questions answered

There are no additional costs, and it helps employers recruit, reward and retain employees. Since employees can package business-use equipment such as laptops and cars, they become less of an expense and a liability for your organisation. Plus, by outsourcing your salary packaging to an experienced provider, you could even save some tax.

No. Employees pay a small administration fee as part of their arrangement so you don’t have to pay a thing. You may even save money by outsourcing as you can refer your employee to us as salary packaging experts, thereby minimising any risk to you.

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Enable your employees to make more from their pay with Salary Packaging.

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